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NVM - Navnat Vadil Mandal

date: Friday 19th October 2018
time: 11:00
venue: Navnat Centre, Printing House Lane, Hayes, UB3 1AR

Navnat Vadil Mandal (NVM) is a subsidiary of Navnat UK, meeting regulalrly on most Fridays at Navnat Centre. NVM promotes activities for the elderly community members. 

NVM also provide coach service at a nominal cost, from Cannons Park Station, Kenton Library and Rayners Lane to come to the Navnat Centre in Hayes and back. 

Activities like Yoga, playing cards, reading newspapers and chinwag etc starts at 11.00 am. Yoga classes are conducted by Manisha Walia.

Around 1.00 pm in-house cooked food preared by kitchen volunteers is served. Following lunch, there are informative talks on religion or health issues or various entertainment is provided, This is followed by tea and biscuits before departing.

NVM also arranges various day trips to seaside and historic places in summer months.

We also run music, computer and smartphone training classes.