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NVA - AGM 2019

date: Sunday 6th October 2019
time: 13:00

Documents related to the AGM:

Nomination Form

Unaudited Accounts 2018 - Subject to Audit

Minutes of 2018 AGM (To be uploaded 14 September 2019)

Please note: the 2018 Minutes will be uploaded onto this page once approved by the EC by no later than 14th September 2019. Our accounts are undergoing the final stages of Audit and will be uploaded as soon as they become available, and in the interim we will upload Unaudited Accounts for review.

CIO Constitution


Meeting to be held at Navnat Centre, Printing House Lane, Hayes, UB3 1AR.

2:15pm (Lunch to be served from 1pm)

1.     Prayers

2.     Opening address by the President

3.     Approval of 2018 Minutes

4.     Matters Arising

5.     Report by General Secretary

6.     2018 Annual Accounts and Treasurers Report

7.     Adoption of Accounts

8.    Report by Board of Advisors

9.  Recommendations for the year ahead.

10.  Reports by subsidiary bodies

11.   Any other business with the permission of the chair

12.   Vote of thanks for our Hon Solicitor Mamta Parekh and Hon Auditors PSJ Alexander

13.   Appointment of Auditors

14.   Appointment of Solicitors

15. Appointment of Chairperson for Elections

16. Dissolution of current Executive Committee

17. Election of officers and Members of the Executive Committee 2019-2021

18. Closing Prayers

Lunch will be served from 1.00pm to 2.00pm

It is estimated that the meeting will conclude at around 6.00pm.

We look forward to meeting you on the day. Should you have any queries in relation to the AGM please email