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Events coming up in the next few days.

EventDateMore Info...
NBC - Navnat Badminton ClubWednesday 23rd October 2019Click Here
NVM - Diwali DhamakaFriday 25th October 2019Click Here
NVM - Friday gatheringFriday 25th October 2019Click Here
NVBS - Diwali DhamakaSunday 27th October 2019Click Here
NVBS - Christmas ShowSaturday 7th December 2019Click Here
NVA - Volunteer's DinnerSaturday 14th March 2020Click Here
NVA - Ram NavmiSaturday 4th April 2020Click Here
NVA - Mahavir Janma KalyanakSunday 5th April 2020Click Here
NVA - Janmashtami MelaSunday 9th August 2020Click Here
NVA - ParyushanSunday 16th August 2020Click Here
NVA - Priti BhojanSunday 30th August 2020Click Here
NVA - NavratriSaturday 17th October 2020Click Here
NVBS - Mattresses & Bolsters HireThursday 31st December 2020Click Here